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You Will Always Get Personal Attention At "dkspecialties"

Hello! My name is Valerie Atkin, and I am the President of dkspecialties. You have landed on the single best website for promotional products in the world. This is my story – the story of a hobby that became a company. A company that lives by a Mission.

Once upon a time…I was a radio newscaster and theater actor. As is so often the case with radio and acting, I found myself working the front office more often than working in front of an audience. Radio stations are notoroius for give-aways – t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, jugs, pins, pens, key-chains, hats, caps, you name it, the radio station put its name on it. Part of my job was to find the people to supply these promotional items. It didn’t take long for me to discover that quality of the products we purchased was dismal. Even worse we put our name these inferior products and gave them away. On top of the poor quality was the exorbitant price the station paid for these inferior goods. I took on the challenge of finding high quality products at sensible prices – from vendors who would deliver. I don’t just mean physically deliver, but deliver what we asked for, in the way we asked for it and looking as we expected it to look. I mean who wants to get 10,000 t-shirts with your call letters upside down and backwards?
I found I enjoyed the search - a bit like being a detective but without the constant danger. I located the suppliers that met my company's needs. Suppliers who delivered as promised, no surprises. I shared my new-found skill (well, my obsession really) with friends and "dk" was born. I had plenty of work, turns out there are lots of people who need somebody like me. These friends, small business owners and colleagues, recruited me to do the work of finding excellent promotional products of the highest quality at reasonable prices. Who would have guessed that this would become the #1 provider of promotion products called dkspecialties.

dkspecialities, for all your professional and personal promotional needs.

Think of us when YOU want to be thought of.

Our Mission Statement
To offer the best client care and personal service. it starts with the first phone call and doesn't stop until the finished product is delivered to your door. We can promise this because we are not only the best at what we do, but we love what we do. The results show.

Our Products and Services
If you are looking to promote an established business, a new business or simply need to refresh your marketing materials dkspecialties has the answer. With our expertise we have the resources to help find products that will fit your all your promotional needs.


Art Services
We employ a full service art department featuring  complete layout and concept development capabilities. Do you already have artwork that isn't print-ready? Don't worry--one of our highly talented graphic artists will make sure it looks great before we go to print. No surprises.

Once you place an order with dkspecialties you will never have to make another call. You will know when to expect your art proof, when your order will ship and of course when it is winging its way to you. We are one stop shopping and worry free.
Sam  - You're likely asking yourself, so what' with the dog at the top of the screen. Meet Sam - our company mascot, social media guru and delivery early warning system. We never miss a delivery with Sam around. Or anybody walking down the hallway for that matter and you'll never miss a deal. Look for Sam on Facebook and "friend" him. He'll keep you up to date on our newest products and deals!
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